The word Äkkisyvä means literally “sudden deep water”, that you can find in the thousands of lakes in Finland.
Äkkisyvä is an artistic collaboration between Clément Beraud and Minna Nurmi. In addition, Äkkisyvä is an artistic residency, that we are organizing in Suomenniemi (Finland).


Äkkisyvä residency brings together two cultures and their different conceptions of nature. The purpose of this residency is to create collective platform for artistic work for French and Finnish artists, where we want to redefine the concept and the experience of nature. We want to break the borders and encourage encounters between point of views, artforms, cultures and nature / human. Art reflects the society around us. Today, it´s reality is,in a significant way, marked by climate change and the rise of nationalism. This micro-residence takes part to these dialogues, encouraging to participate, promoting the understanding between different cultures and ecological actions.

The primitive cabins where the artists will stay and work during the residency, were constructed in the 60´s. The builder of the cabins, Samuli (grandfather of Minna) was also dreaming of a small island near by the cabins. He made this dream come true by transporting soil and creating the island in the water. He also planted trees on the surface of the island. As a symbol of human hand/foot print, he made a knot on a little seedling of a pine tree. Now this tree has grown old and tall. Our logo is representing this story as we think human and nature should be think as one.

Artists :

Raimo Saarinen : (b.1984) Helsinki / Land Installation
Lorenzö : (b.1978) Helsinki / Photography
Sanna Turunen : (b.1985) Helsinki / Illustration/Printmaking
Rémi Levézier : (b.1988) Paris / Sculpture
Philippe Billemont : (b.1986) Paris / Photography
Pierre Mahieu : (b.1988) Paris / Photography
Maxime Chanet : (b.1988) Paris / Photography
Clément Beraud & Minna Nurmi : (b.1988 & 1987) Helsinki / Video Installation